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 Mini Universal Inverter

Product Description
1. mini universal inverter has compact structure and nice appearance. The appearance design has already applied for national patent (Patent No. is 200830155596.8 and 200830155597.2).
2. The optional keypad can be easily removed or installed according to user's requirements. With the indicator light on inverter, users can monitor the running status without keypad.
3. The mini universal inverter is used as supporting equipment for the textile industry, transmission machinery, etc. With the 1000Hz output frequency, it is also used in variable frequency control for grinding machines, engraving machines, centrifugal machines and so on.

1. Its power ranges from 0.25W to 3.7KW and its input voltage range is 220V±15% and 380V±15%.
2. The mini universal inverter has standard configuration including RS485 communication interface, Modbus protocol and built-in braking unit.
3. It can also achieve the functions of automatic voltage regulation and automatic current limit, to ensure the reliable operation.
4. Two kinds of installation method are available to meet your requirements and save more space.
5. The mini universal inverter can match with a controller keyboard that can be separately used with inverter.

Technical Specifications

Input Rated voltage, rated frequency 3 PH (4T****)380V 50/60Hz 1 PH (2S****)220V 50/60Hz
Permissible voltage range 320V ~ 460V 170V ~ 270V
Output Voltage 0 ~ 380V 0~220V
Frequency 0~1000Hz
Overload capacity 110% rated current for long-term; 150% rated current for 1m; 180% rated current for 2s.
Control mode V/F control
Control characteristics Frequency setting Resolution Analog input 0.4% of maximum output frequency
Digital setting 0.1 Hz
Frequency precision Analog input Within 0.4% of maximum output frequency
Digital input Within 0.1% of setting frequency
V/F control Torque boost Manual set: 0.0~20.0% of rated output
Auto current/voltage limit The mini universal inverter will automatically check the current and voltage of motor stator during acc/ dec or stable running. Based on special arithmetic, the inverter can control the current and voltage within allowable range to ensure the minimum failure.
Typical functions Multi-speed control Seven programmable multi-speed control modes, three multi-speed control terminals
RS485 communication (1) Standard RS485 interface, optional RS485 communication protocol and MODBUS protocol
Frequency setting Analog input Panel potentiometer setting; DC voltage: 0~10V, DC current: 0~20mA
Digital input Operation panel setting, RS485 interface setting, UP/DW terminal control mode
Output signal Relay and OC output One OC output, one relay output (TA, TB, TC) and as many as 9 types of output mode for choice
Analog output One 0~10V voltage signal
Acc /Dec time setting 0.1~600s continuous setting; Acc /Dec S curve and linear mode for choice
DC braking Action frequency: 0~500.0 Hz; Action time: 0~20.0s
Low noise running Carrier wave frequency range is1.5 KHz ~ 12.0 KHz that is continuously adjustable, so as to minimize the motor noise.
Operating function Upper and Lower frequency setting, reversal operation limitation, RS485 communication, frequency increasing/decreasing control mode, etc.
Display Operation panel display Running state Output frequency, output current and voltage, motor speed, frequency setting, module temperature, analog I/O and so on.
Alarming The operation panel shows the recent four times failure record, and the last running parameter record of output frequency, output current, output voltage and DC voltage during last fault trip period.
Protection / alarming function Overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, overheating, short circuit, etc

Note: Only some derivatives of the have the function of RS485 communication (1) listed in the table above.

Installation Dimension

Figure 2-2-A Inverter Installation Dimension
Suitable model: -2S0002/-2S0004

Figure 2-2-B Inverter Installation Dimension Ⅱ
Suitable model: -2S0007~2S0022/-4T0007~4T00037

Inverter Model (3 PH 380V) Inverter Model (1 PH 220V) W1 W H1 H D Screw Specification
-2S0002 67.5 81.5 132.5 148 134.5 M4
-4T0007 -2S0007 86.5 101.5 147.5 165 154.5 M4
-4T0015 -2S0015
-4T0022 -2S0022 100 110 190 205 169.5 M5
-4T0037 100 110 190 205 169.5 M5

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